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Mobile: 352-615-4211

JNM Lawn Care LLC, explain their services and costs, and what’s included — and what’s not — to help you make an informed lawn care decision.

Let’s face it: Some people enjoy lawn maintenance, and others avoid it at all costs. If you fall into the latter category, you might benefit from hiring a professional lawn service to keep your grass healthy and green.

It could prove well worth the extra expense when you no longer have to deal with the drudgery of yard work, or worry about equipment failure and maintenance costs. Instead, you get extra time on the weekend to relax with family, or sit poolside with a cold glass of lemonade in hand.

1. What lawn services are included in your price?

 The average yard costs $25 to $60 and includes mowing, trimming, sidewalk edging,  and blowing of grass clippings from curbs, walks, drives and patios.For a additional Fee we also maintain hedges and gutter clean ups as well as leaf clean up and removals.

2. Are there any lawn care tasks you don’t do?

 No, we offer complete property maintenance However we do Not do tree removals or Cutting of any Tree's on the property.

3. What happens if damage occurs to plants or Windows?

 If we damage anything, (plants, fencing, windows, etc.) while servicing the property, we will fix it ourselves or pay to have it repaired.If we cause the damage, 

4. How often do you typically mow a lawn, and do you keep the same schedule?

 Most properties are cut on a weekly Or Bi -Weekly basis, depending on the property owner .They are cut on the same day every week unless the schedule is adjusted due to weather.